Saturday, December 12, 2009

Those Little Words

If I said "Boleh tak nak talk dengan you malam ni?", it means that I just need you by my side.
If I said "Jangan buat I risau", it means that I couldn't afford to lose you.
If I said "You tak online ke?", it means that I miss seeing your face.
If I said "Take a good care of yourself", it means that I don't want anything bad happen to you.
If I said "Suka hati you lah", it means that I really care a lot for you.
If I said "Please jangan macam ni dengan I" it means that I'm begging you not to tear my feelings.
If I said "I sayang you sangat", it means that you mean the world to me.
If I said "You dah lain", it means that you had promised by heart not to make me sad anymore but you did.
If I said "I taknak susah kan you" it means that I don't want you to get annoyed with me.
If I said "Dah makan ubat?" it means that I wish you were here so that I can take care of you.
If I said "Cuba you dengar lagu ni" it means that it reminds me of you every time it plays.
If I said "I rindu you" it means that I'm scared if I never see you again
If I said "I happy sangat bila I dengan you" it means that thank you so much for the laughs and smiles that you had put on my face when I'm with you.
If I said "Jangan lupakan I eh" it means that I wish there'll be a tiny space in your heart for me if I'm not there with you anymore.

And if I just remain in silence with no words for me to say to you anymore, it means that I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Saya malas update blog. Kenapa saya malas? Sebab tiada cerita menarik selain dari : Dapat DSLR dari Abah he-he :) dan perkara-perkara Raya Haji. Dan juga saya malas nak transfer gambar-gambar dari camera saya kerana kesuntukan masa ; 200++ soalan Genetic Inheritance belum siap lagi, tolong lah buatkan :( Okay, itu sahaja kot. Sekian =.="
Terima kasih Abah :D

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Plus Minus

Plus :
MC for 1 week, up until Raya Haji, stay at home ; eat, sleep, asian food channel, dvd, facebook, blog, 200++ questions of Genetic Inheritance from Mrs. Fazlini *is it consider as a plus?* eat sleep tv's assigments till you drop. Going back to KL early, in other words ; New Moon & 2012 here I come!

Minus :
Ligament injury I supposed, HECK NO =.= bone fracture instead, kerenggangan tulang. X-ray - doctor consultation - conclusion ; 1 cm hole at my right ankle with steel in it for 6 weeks WTF. kefepafalafa hofotakfak kau ke yang nak ambik final sem exam aku nanti kalau aku tak masuk kuliah 6 minggu =.=" No heels for years *there go my 4 inch wedges :( sob sob*

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Those Feelings

Jangan lah hisap rokok banyak-banyak ; kata nak berhenti? =/ coke tu lagi satu, jangan minum sangat. Suka delay-delay buat drawing lepas tu tidur lambat. I tahu I kuat bebel kan :) Imysm.
p/s : Kalau rindu dengar lah =')

Friday, November 6, 2009


It's been a while since the last time I've hang out with those best friends which I've been missing them quite a lot especially Sya. Pretty surprised after received a text from Sya, as she would be busy most of the times even it's holiday ha-ha.

Sya : Aku tgk gambar skolah dulu-dulu, lepak makan, haihh rindu. mlm ni free tak?
Me : Free je, kenapa?
Sya : Mlm ni aku and Marey on pegi Maicafe, girlfriends only, rindurindurindu

So she got a sense that I wanted to meet her so badly ha-ha. Too bad Jaja was not around :( It's okay, next time, she'll definitely be around!

Peace yaw ;)
Sya sayang
Sya & Maryam
Maryam sayang
Meeting them was some sort of a big catch-up and how I miss our old times. It's getting harder to meet them these days. Each is busy with their own thing, college stuffs, university stuffs. I wish Jaja was there. It'll be more complete :) Ohh, and Hakim showed up too since he is here as well, and showed off his new girlfriend wootwoot ;) So that pretty much was it. Hope everyone could be here for the next break, the more the merrier.
Enterframe, LOL
Hakim sepet & Maryam gedik :P
No one can resist Sya ;)
Ohh haven't you noticed, I'm getting taller, because of the wedges sillayhh =.="
P/S : Source of pictures are from Sya's Blog because I'm too lazy to asked her IM it to me and re-edited it :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hols Thingie

Holiday is almost over and I just started updating my blog, pathetic. Consider this as a marathon update post session for more upcoming post. Okay I got the pictures, but I'm out words pfht. Haven't I told you before that lately I have trouble in typing out words, more to pictures, okay yeah whatever. Okay, where should I start =.=" Perhaps this one.

Hye, we are out of cash, can we get free clothes :)
Vain for some reason
Manicure, LOL *I don't even have nails, I mean, not long enough
McD's Junkies
College mates and unknown car =,=
Feels like eating Jagung Bakar right now. Laparrr please =,="

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I know it looks a bit disgusting, but it's fun. My rat looked cute wasn't it? Yeh I know, NOT :D I don't know why lately I have no interest in typing a lot in my post, more to showing, but tried to make it as long as I could. *If you could consider 5 lines as long. I miss Lab Period and Mrs Fazlini's nags, LOL.

My poor little experimented rat :D

Jeng jeng jeng!
I wish it was a human instead, lol
Fun fun fun, trust me :)
So yeah, that pretty much was it. Haven't got the chance to snap the brain part as my gloves was fully covered with blood, but I could change the gloves instead kan? Pfht =.=" Sillayyhh.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pixie Mixie

This song turns me on! Ha-ha. Pixie Lot <3

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ef You Si Kay

Study week was hell. Everybody were stressing out. Room-mates were like enemies. My brain feels like exploding. Thanks to Mr. Caffeine which had activated me to do more of those Integration and Phase Equilibria,. I think my eye bags are getting worst. Struggle to finished up those past-year question was compulsory. Being compettive between one another to finished covered up all the syllabus is a routine. Taking meals were like unnecessary, thanks to this I lost few pounds. It's okay, few days to go. Be strong Ieka *crossing fingers*

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wacky Mates Fill Up The Day

Funny and wacky are what they are. 'Wash the eye' is their favourite thing. Laugh till your stomach crack is what they usually did to me. XOXO :)

Doing 'the lips' thing :) Haziq spoiled the picture HAHA
Vain but fun :D
'Washing the eye' at Foyer for Aida's catalyst :P
Raya Raya in KMP :D

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chasing Cars

If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world. I don't quite know, how to say how I feel. Those three words, are said too much, they're not enough :')

Je t'aime du fond de mon coeur et de je veut ĂȘtre vraiment avec vous pourvu que je peux <3

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Waving Goodbye Once Again

So once again, byebye to all, the mid-semester break is over finally =/ *long sigh* Going back to college in few minutes time and have to start following the hectic and bored schedule once again. Going to miss my Sayang and bestfriends and cyberfriends a lot especially Eyna. Thanks to Jaja, Nabil, Afiiz(Omar) and Rosdi for the last hang out the other day. Missing you guys already. Will update soon if I have free times. Selamat Tinggal ha-ha.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So everybody is home for this mid-sem break except Sya =.=" As usual, went lepak-ing and goofing around and eating and laughing and crapping and getting high like what we always did. Except that we haven't go for shisha this time, haihh *sangap* LOL. Spent this entire week with best friends which had made me excessively addicted on going out till late at night. So yeah, my mom had started to nagged about it. Got back home at 12.30 am for the past 3 days straight. Can't help it, we just love the wheels and the seashore even it's only Kuala Perlis lah kan, obviously -_-" Also went for makan-makan at Maicafe, ahh favourite spot ;) but too bad the shisha booth is no longer there :(

Midnight goof-around with the best people in the world <3
This is Aliph, and he tried to provoked me with Cigs kah-kah, kidding people.
Rosdi's plastic smile that annoys me throughout the day =,="
Candid, and it was at 12.15 am :)
Maicafe! Favourite spot, and the geeky people ha-ha
Ohh, meet my girlfriend, yes I'm lesbo ha-ha, okay not funny =,=" Jaja totally gonna kill me for this kah-kah
Ohh and, got sued due to the unpaid parking spot at the Kopitiam, haihh shitto =.=" Ohh and have I mentioned about the accident part? Yeah, I know I haven't. Successfully crashed the Wira that belongs to Jaja's neighbour with my dad's Sorento since it's my first time driving that huge engine wheel =.=" The Wira was a bit dented while the car that I drove doesn't left any scratch at all, *clap clap to the solid body frame of Kia's* LMAO. Aliph even said that I drive like a gangster in HERE *click* keh-keh.
P/s : Aliph I've promoted your blog, I'm expecting a plate of Fish&Chips and a glass of Carrot Juice at Maicafe for the next semester break ha-ha, kidding as always :P

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Need To Get Back On Track

I've wasted the past one week over crapping stuffs =.=" Geez, kill me haih. Okay now, feeling guilty after saw Jaja doing her Maths tutorial which I haven't done anything yet, obviously -_-" Yeh, I need to get my mind back on track before all my data in my cerebrum decrease gradually for the excessive crapping and sleeping. And not to mention my stuffs which I haven't unpacked yet from the first day I stepped in to my room ppffhhtt. Now my room looks like a clothes-and-books-garbage store or something.

So now I'm missing my college buddies *auwh*. And my room, and my study desk, and my crappy room-mates which I haven't seen then in ages *okay for two weeks* =.=" Been wondering, if I'm with them right now, they must have been slapping my butt's off and ask me to study, like what Farah always did he-he. Ahh, I miss them!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

For Some Reasons

2 years back ;
Don't even know why I still shed my tears down for him even it had been 2 months. Don't even know why I made a birthday card for him even deep down inside I know that he wouldn't care about it. Don't even know why I still can't get over him although 1 year had passed. Don't even know why I still care to asked about him everytime I received a phone called from 'her'. Don't even know why is it so hard to move on from him.

6 months back ;
Don't even know why he called on the right time when I was on the hard time. Don't even know why he always had been there for me every single day to make me smile and shut away my pain. Don't even know why is he only who can make me laugh on the phone for almost 12 hours, don't even know why I feel miserable to see him sad.

Present ;
Don't know why I still feel scared although I know he had done everything for me, don't even know why I tend to hurt his feelings real bad while I had promise myself that I wanna make him happy, don't even know what to do anymore when everything's just messed up, and don't even know wether he would forgive me once again, or might not.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Weekend Shout Out

Being happy *smile* Assignments had finished, and it's still early to go back to college as this is not what usually will happen during Sunday. It usually ended up with clumsiness because it only had 10 minutes left to reach college, so yeah, I'm happy happy and happy :) Planning of baking molten chocolate cakes for my roomies but since I was so lazy *woots* so decided to watched MTV and V channel instead LOL. Ohh suddenly With You by Chris Brown is on the screen and it reminds me much of MIMF :)) Well most of my songs in my play list definitely would reminds me of him =,=" so no brag ha-ha. Although we often had a fight and mad at each other a lot lately, but it doesn't tear us apart because he knows how much he meant to me and I know how much he loves me :)
I miss my besties a lot since I have no times to hang out with them lately, everybody is busy with college, study and stuffs. Haihh, how I miss my old times with them. Can't wait for the mid-sem break, want to go back to KL please please. Bored with this current environment already haihh =,=" I guess I have to packed my stuffs up, going back to college *long sigh*. Got to go. Will update soon.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Sudden Excitement

Okay, so I'm home for only few hours this weekend since the very good performance on the JPP voting session this morning, whatever. But yeh, still glad to be home and and since Kak Ikin is home for the weekend, decided to drag her to buy some stuffs while enhancing my driving skill which had been decreased over this few weeks =,=" So another part, as usual, assignments are not finished yet. And worst, tomorrow will be having replacement for Maths lecture at 8.00 pm ppffhhtt, definitely be sleeping =,=" Ohh I guess I must not since my Maths quiz wasn't that good ha-ha. Right, let's jump to the best part, I finally managed to washed my clothes this morning all by myself ha-ha. Thumbs up! And not so thumbs-up part is the assignments which I still haven't managed to finished it yet =/ It's already 6.00 pm, and I'll have to be back before 7.00 pm. Better get my ass into the shower and get myself done. *Long sigh =,="* Ohh and before that, as usual, pictures :)

I'm sweating like hell ha-ha

Ahh, the messy study desk isn't that messy anymore :)

Bicycle riding session

The lecture hall that annoys me almost every day when it's pack

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Surving The New Atmosphere

*Stucked about 10 minutes with my fingers on the keyboard* Did not know where to start actually, it's been a while since the last time I blogged. Anyway, summarized up all your questions ; My life here is getting better *I think* still trying to fit in among those who I've never eventually think that I could ended up being friends with them. Homesick pretty much is not in my diction since I can walk only 3 blocks away to see my mum every day. Basically everything is going well except for the part that tons of my assignment still have been lined up at my study desk and not to mention the group project assignments still haven't been settled yet. And the maths tutorial which I haven't put my hands on yet for the second chapter. *Way to go Ieka! =,="* So now I'm home for the weekend, feel relieved. Woke up at 1.00 pm *covered my not-enough-sleep-time, HAHA sort of =,="* And been thinking about finishing all my assignments today, which turned out into a blog-update-session like NOW since I stuck my mind's out at my Biology report which I cannot figure how to get the report done correctly. Plus, my annoying little sister whom had been making noise from her room with her violin since 3 hours ago that had been distracted my minds off from the Campbell's & Reece's piece which I have read the same 3 lines for the past 15 minutes -_-" *turn my ears off please* And now I'm missing my study desk and my room-mates at college LOL *kill me* ha-ha.

The intelligent in disguise HA-HA
The routine that I have to get it done everyday
The room-mate
The messy study desk that always had been that way for the entire week HA-HA