Sunday, November 29, 2009


Saya malas update blog. Kenapa saya malas? Sebab tiada cerita menarik selain dari : Dapat DSLR dari Abah he-he :) dan perkara-perkara Raya Haji. Dan juga saya malas nak transfer gambar-gambar dari camera saya kerana kesuntukan masa ; 200++ soalan Genetic Inheritance belum siap lagi, tolong lah buatkan :( Okay, itu sahaja kot. Sekian =.="
Terima kasih Abah :D

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Plus Minus

Plus :
MC for 1 week, up until Raya Haji, stay at home ; eat, sleep, asian food channel, dvd, facebook, blog, 200++ questions of Genetic Inheritance from Mrs. Fazlini *is it consider as a plus?* eat sleep tv's assigments till you drop. Going back to KL early, in other words ; New Moon & 2012 here I come!

Minus :
Ligament injury I supposed, HECK NO =.= bone fracture instead, kerenggangan tulang. X-ray - doctor consultation - conclusion ; 1 cm hole at my right ankle with steel in it for 6 weeks WTF. kefepafalafa hofotakfak kau ke yang nak ambik final sem exam aku nanti kalau aku tak masuk kuliah 6 minggu =.=" No heels for years *there go my 4 inch wedges :( sob sob*

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Those Feelings

Jangan lah hisap rokok banyak-banyak ; kata nak berhenti? =/ coke tu lagi satu, jangan minum sangat. Suka delay-delay buat drawing lepas tu tidur lambat. I tahu I kuat bebel kan :) Imysm.
p/s : Kalau rindu dengar lah =')

Friday, November 6, 2009


It's been a while since the last time I've hang out with those best friends which I've been missing them quite a lot especially Sya. Pretty surprised after received a text from Sya, as she would be busy most of the times even it's holiday ha-ha.

Sya : Aku tgk gambar skolah dulu-dulu, lepak makan, haihh rindu. mlm ni free tak?
Me : Free je, kenapa?
Sya : Mlm ni aku and Marey on pegi Maicafe, girlfriends only, rindurindurindu

So she got a sense that I wanted to meet her so badly ha-ha. Too bad Jaja was not around :( It's okay, next time, she'll definitely be around!

Peace yaw ;)
Sya sayang
Sya & Maryam
Maryam sayang
Meeting them was some sort of a big catch-up and how I miss our old times. It's getting harder to meet them these days. Each is busy with their own thing, college stuffs, university stuffs. I wish Jaja was there. It'll be more complete :) Ohh, and Hakim showed up too since he is here as well, and showed off his new girlfriend wootwoot ;) So that pretty much was it. Hope everyone could be here for the next break, the more the merrier.
Enterframe, LOL
Hakim sepet & Maryam gedik :P
No one can resist Sya ;)
Ohh haven't you noticed, I'm getting taller, because of the wedges sillayhh =.="
P/S : Source of pictures are from Sya's Blog because I'm too lazy to asked her IM it to me and re-edited it :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hols Thingie

Holiday is almost over and I just started updating my blog, pathetic. Consider this as a marathon update post session for more upcoming post. Okay I got the pictures, but I'm out words pfht. Haven't I told you before that lately I have trouble in typing out words, more to pictures, okay yeah whatever. Okay, where should I start =.=" Perhaps this one.

Hye, we are out of cash, can we get free clothes :)
Vain for some reason
Manicure, LOL *I don't even have nails, I mean, not long enough
McD's Junkies
College mates and unknown car =,=
Feels like eating Jagung Bakar right now. Laparrr please =,="