Monday, February 23, 2009

Okay, I Failed Pffhhtt!

Yeahh yeahh whatever, I know it's lame =,=" Okay, so I had failed the JPJ test for the first time *relax ahh baru first time kan haha* Hangswa tester tu! Like, okay, first, there was a van behind me when I was giving the signal to the right but obviously the van was still FAR behind me like 400++ metres away, and he marked me for that. Then second thing, I was in gear 3 when I did a turn at the edge, but thing is the edge tu BROAD lah ngek =,=" And there was no car pun, menggelabah lebih. But it's okay, takpe lah, aku menerima je ke-failed-an aku haha -_-" As abah said to me last night "Takpe lah, buat dulu test JPJ, kalau tak past ambik lagi nanti" hahaha, so okay lah, as long as abah paid for it lah kan HAHA. So dengan muka tak malu nye, this is my result for today's test :

Kesian kan, dapat 5 je, cehbai =,=" ahaha

I know, TERUK =(

Okay, so the conclusion is, it's normal to failed on the first time because most of my friends experienced the same thing, so nothing to brag about lah kan HAHAHA xDD Ohh and I did failed during kat bukit tu, but that was my fault so yehh *being quite and no more bragging* kahkahkah xDD

Friday, February 20, 2009

Driving Thingie And GabeBondoc Got Me Excited

So yeah, the QTI (Qualification Test ape kejadah aku lupa) went up great today. It was pretty easy actually, eceehh haha. And yeah, about one week after this, I'm up for the JPJ test woottss! And I can't wait for that! Ahaha. And then, this L license :

will no longer in used, I'm up for P yaw! HAHA *motive : saje tayang license sebenarnye walaupun L je lah kan hahaha, menggelabahh =,=" So yeah, hopefully I can get it done fast and without FAILING haha *crossing fingers :)

As I doing nothing currently, so had been browsing over youtube, and listening to this random Filipino guy singing with his guitar. Gabe Bondoc is one of my shit-you're-so-damn-cute internet celebrity besides Alex Evans ahahaha! *Auuwwwhhh* And how I wish I could play guitar as good as he does =,=" Been listening and watching to all the covers of his, and this is my all-time-favourite :

He's good isn't he xDD I can fall asleep listening to his singing ;))

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Random Daily Things

About 2.30 p.m this evening my phone suddenly rang and "Pak Su" name's appeared on the screen. So yeah as I predict, he had scheduled a driving class for me this evening at 4.30 p.m after being Y&^%GH$#@ by my dad LOL, so yeah finally he stops delaying things up HAHA =,=" So as usual, he came and picked me up at 4.30 p.m at my house and drove me to IKMP. "Hari ni kita buat parking dgn naik bukit okay, lepas tu hari jumaat ni boleh terus QTI" he said. I was like, ppffhhtt! Now only you knew how to speed things up laahh ehh after had been potpetpotpet by my dad, PADAN MUKA haha -_-" So anyway, things went up pretty well, my driving skills are getting good ngehngeh xDD Except for the fact that since school's over, my memorizing skills had decreased BADLY =,=" and I couldn't remember all the routes that well, but that's all right though, I'll be practising that myself *I hope* ahaha!

Ohh yehh, and and planning to go to KL this weekend since the long-lost-old-new ehemss ;) is going back this friday, and dediced to hang-out well errr sort of a hang-out lahhh HAHAH :P But abah didn't seems to agreed though :( Tried talking to him about that already, but it just doesn't worked out, he kept bragging about the driving thingie and he had to go somewhere for a meeting sort of =,=" much more like golf-meeting-with-friends ggrrhhh -_-" Haihhh how I wished I could meet him before I go to Mecca for umrah, eeeee! :( P/s : Meet my beloved abah *refer to the picture above hee ;DD

Ohh and yeah, did a try-out on my cooking skills that is not-so-great, yeahh whatever, I know =,=" But credits must be given lah kan, at least I've tried ahah. So yeah, things didn't turned out that good well errr ; the chicken taste horrible, almost burnt it HAHA, and there's too much ginger that made it taste a bit bitter and tangy. So finally decided not going to do anymore try-outs. Just sit back and let the MOM do all the cooking thingie AHAHAHA :D

P/S : Sorry there's no pictures for the cooking try-out because I got too excited about it and forgot to captured it in my camera haha :D

Monday, February 16, 2009

Always In Memories

As I browsing through the old pictures in my laptop, I found this one photo album of mine where me and my friends went to Langkawi for the after-SPM-sort-of vacation :D And how I MISS THEM really really really bad :( I had posted about it in my previous blog, but I still going to publish all the pictures here eheh :)

And yeah, those are my friends, my greatest best friends that had always been there for me no matter what ; through hard times and good times. And I'll always love love love them till the end :D

It's All NEW

New year, new life, new blog, but still the same IEKA ahaha. So yeah I've got new blog, the old one is deactivated finally. Decided to start a whole new bunch version of ME, well not really, still the same, but this time it's wiser, stronger and more flexible shall I say HAHA. Much had been going on lately for the past couple of months, been going through a pretty hard times ; stupid ex-boyfriend, complicated relationship, annoying driving instructor. Everything was a messed up, I didn't know where did I go wrong. First, the ex-boyfriend ; kept on telling the same thing, didn't want a time out, wanna stick for long, the love is real, didn't want to trouble me for hearing out his problem. Okay, NOTE-TO-GUYS : Don't be such an egoistic-maniac, share stuffs with your girl dude, let it out, girl loves when you're finally 'TALKING' to her, don't hide stuffs from her, she'll definitely will figure it out. So anyway, yeah, things had been going on like that for couple of months, and then finally I've decided to called it off one day. I can't stand to be treated like that, I deserves someone better ; credits to Eyna, Ima and Ejat ;) for finally made me realized how stupid I had been HAHA -_-" so yeah I dumped him and it felt so good. Well not actually at the beginning, it was miserable at first, but I managed to coped with it, and lets just say something good ;) came up out of sudden. So I decided to moved on and start focusing on other important stuffs like ; the upcoming SPM's result omgshitt, what choices I had to make in furthering my study, and and start a whole new *thing* with the long-lost-old-new boyfriend ehemss* ahaha. As for the time being, everything had went pretty well, things had get better and better except for the part where I still haven't got my driving license yet, plus with the instructor who is being so gay, always delaying things up ppffhhtt -_-" But I'll be patient though, only got couple more hours left for the driving class, and then I'm up for the JPJ's wuuhuu! Ohh and and also, looking foward to meet the long-lost-old-new ehemmss ;) ahaha ;D

The long-lost-old-new ehemss <3>