Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Weekend Shout Out

Being happy *smile* Assignments had finished, and it's still early to go back to college as this is not what usually will happen during Sunday. It usually ended up with clumsiness because it only had 10 minutes left to reach college, so yeah, I'm happy happy and happy :) Planning of baking molten chocolate cakes for my roomies but since I was so lazy *woots* so decided to watched MTV and V channel instead LOL. Ohh suddenly With You by Chris Brown is on the screen and it reminds me much of MIMF :)) Well most of my songs in my play list definitely would reminds me of him =,=" so no brag ha-ha. Although we often had a fight and mad at each other a lot lately, but it doesn't tear us apart because he knows how much he meant to me and I know how much he loves me :)
I miss my besties a lot since I have no times to hang out with them lately, everybody is busy with college, study and stuffs. Haihh, how I miss my old times with them. Can't wait for the mid-sem break, want to go back to KL please please. Bored with this current environment already haihh =,=" I guess I have to packed my stuffs up, going back to college *long sigh*. Got to go. Will update soon.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Sudden Excitement

Okay, so I'm home for only few hours this weekend since the very good performance on the JPP voting session this morning, whatever. But yeh, still glad to be home and and since Kak Ikin is home for the weekend, decided to drag her to buy some stuffs while enhancing my driving skill which had been decreased over this few weeks =,=" So another part, as usual, assignments are not finished yet. And worst, tomorrow will be having replacement for Maths lecture at 8.00 pm ppffhhtt, definitely be sleeping =,=" Ohh I guess I must not since my Maths quiz wasn't that good ha-ha. Right, let's jump to the best part, I finally managed to washed my clothes this morning all by myself ha-ha. Thumbs up! And not so thumbs-up part is the assignments which I still haven't managed to finished it yet =/ It's already 6.00 pm, and I'll have to be back before 7.00 pm. Better get my ass into the shower and get myself done. *Long sigh =,="* Ohh and before that, as usual, pictures :)

I'm sweating like hell ha-ha

Ahh, the messy study desk isn't that messy anymore :)

Bicycle riding session

The lecture hall that annoys me almost every day when it's pack