Saturday, December 12, 2009

Those Little Words

If I said "Boleh tak nak talk dengan you malam ni?", it means that I just need you by my side.
If I said "Jangan buat I risau", it means that I couldn't afford to lose you.
If I said "You tak online ke?", it means that I miss seeing your face.
If I said "Take a good care of yourself", it means that I don't want anything bad happen to you.
If I said "Suka hati you lah", it means that I really care a lot for you.
If I said "Please jangan macam ni dengan I" it means that I'm begging you not to tear my feelings.
If I said "I sayang you sangat", it means that you mean the world to me.
If I said "You dah lain", it means that you had promised by heart not to make me sad anymore but you did.
If I said "I taknak susah kan you" it means that I don't want you to get annoyed with me.
If I said "Dah makan ubat?" it means that I wish you were here so that I can take care of you.
If I said "Cuba you dengar lagu ni" it means that it reminds me of you every time it plays.
If I said "I rindu you" it means that I'm scared if I never see you again
If I said "I happy sangat bila I dengan you" it means that thank you so much for the laughs and smiles that you had put on my face when I'm with you.
If I said "Jangan lupakan I eh" it means that I wish there'll be a tiny space in your heart for me if I'm not there with you anymore.

And if I just remain in silence with no words for me to say to you anymore, it means that I love you from the bottom of my heart.