Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Best Experienced Ever

Okay, finally aku update jugak blog aku for the Umrah post as what I had promised kan kan kan ahah. So yeah, walaupun a bit lambat, and mcm agak dah basi lah jugak berkurun pun dah pegi Umrah, haha but I still going to publish it, *suka hati ahhh* LOL :D Hmm what can I say about Mecca and Madinah, let's see. Well, it's fun, reallyyyyy fun! Especially kat Madinah, sbab Mecca mcm a bit panas sikit and orang-orang dia errgghhh ppffhhttt =,=" ANNOYING and some of them GATAL nak mampus. Pak arab memang mcm tu kot, miang, nauzubillah -_-"" Bukan apa, sebab aku penah kena lah, bukan saja-saja buat cerita, kena raba dgn arab tua jual jubah tak sedar diri. Tapi bukan semua lah, kalau yang baik tu, like baik gila doh. So yeah, I've also uploaded few pictures, tapi bukan semua lah, kalau nak tgk semua sila lah visit flickr saya heh : http://www.flickr.com/photos/iekaspictures

Saudi Airlines panas =,="

4 org budak arab dgn 2 org lelaki malaysia LOL

Nasi dulang : before
Nasi Dulang : after
Muka-muka bahagia lepas dpt nasi dulang ahaha :P
Masjidil Al-Haram
Masa buat Sai'e
Masa buat Sai'e jugak, stop kejap, peeennaaattt :)
First copy of the original Al-Quran
Susu unta, lai! lai! lai! 1 botol 2 rial ahah
Perah jangan tak perah ye bang
Sapu jgn tak sapu, nak awet muda lah konon :P
Si gembala unta lah KOTT haha
Mama pun nak awet muda jugak, iskk iskk iskk
Unta-unta pemalas =,=
Buih ni lah diorg dok sapu kat muka tu, untuk awet muda katanya
Restoran jimat kos, duduk bersila, tak payah guna kerusi meja, makan pun dalam dulang, tak payah penat nak cuci pinggan ahaha :P
Nasi dulang ni boleh makan 10 org pun tak habis doh
Muka-muka lapar sebelum dapat nasi dulang
Yummmsss plumms woohooo :D
Tengok spelling dia, MAKDUNALZ okayy ahah
Mall lah kott ahah
Again, the spelling, BITZAHAT
Saya tahu saya pendek =,="
Khemah-khemah utk org buat haji kat Mina
Abah saya comel kan bila botak ahaha xDD
Ihram suci bersih, lepas tu kena kari =,="
Apa ni ehh? ermm lupa hihi
Minum minum, Evening Tea lah ni konon :P
Haaa model kurma ahah :D
Ambik kau, kurma bergantang-gantang. Free tester, boleh makan free sampai lebam pun tak apa ahaha
Candid :)
Veggies and fruits kat sana memang menggiurkan
Tempat ni nama dia Mada'in Salleh. The place where the followers of Prophet Salleh used to live
Rumah diorg lah kira ni
Plat number bus kitorg, haha saja ambik
Nampak tak tayar-tayar tu, tu actually track for their 4 wheel's. Ingat org arab tak main kereta ke ahaha.
Sandstone yg unique mcm bendtuk gajah
Ecewahhh kemain lagi :P
Masjidil Al-Nabawi

Yeah, so that's it I guess, my experienced masa dekat sana, pretty much. And sorry for the late updates, been busy :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

When Two Bestfriends Got Backstabbed With Their One Other Ex-Bestfriend

As boredom strikes, suddenly my msn *tingtingtingting* (IM sound)

Aina says:
syg, dah tido ke?

ieka says:
not yet
u belum ke?
Aina says:
haa good
i x dpt tido
lets talk
about sumtin
ieka says:
about apa eh?
Aina says:
about what?
ieka says:
ahah, haa
idk ahaha
Aina says:
eh XXX apa cerita?
ieka says:
haa dia tuhh ahaha
Aina says:
lama x dgr kabar
ieka says:
tu lahh
entah dia
busy kott
nak spm
Aina says:
jadi selat ke?
spm bapak dia la

ieka says:
haha selat tu apa syg?
Aina says:
haha SLUT

ieka says:
ohhh selat

IM from Eyna rupe nye ahah. She said she can't sleep, so okay, we were talking and talking. Suddenly ter-sampai lah kat satu topic yg amat lah "best" that had refreshed our memory about a friend who's acted like a SELAT to us. A so-called-bestfriend yg
betrayed us and backstabbed us. She was what we considered as our bestfriend, sanggup tikam belakang, tipu, buat cerita sana sini psl kitorg. Cuba imagine, bestfriend apa yang sanggup seduced boyfriend kawan baik dia sendiri? Bestfriend HANJENG nama nye tu ahah. Then tiba-tiba now ada pulak konon bestfriend for 9 years dia tu ppffhhtt, puuhhleaaseeeee lahh. Then borak punya borak Eyna tetibe dapat idea yg merepekss repekss buat story hahaha

Aina says:
sumpah, bfore kan, i kenal XXX, dia lansung xde apa pun kena mngena ngan TUTT
ieka says:
Aina says:
haha not a good friend

ieka says:
then TUTT tu dtg celah mana? tiba3 bff for 9 years
Aina says:
hahaha dr MAYBANK
ieka says:
Aina says:
maybe time XXX amik duit, tiba2 TUTT keluar
eh my joke, make sense

Aina says:
money machine!!
ieka says:
hahaha! like "enter yr pin number"
tett tett tett
"here's TUTT!"
Aina says:
tahu x pe
gila make sense my joke
one day, XXX pegi maybank
sbb dia nak amik duit
so desperate
dia cari duit dah dekat 9 years pulak
but dia x sedar selama 9 years ni, dia ada duit kat bank
so dia pun pegi bank
tekan sana sini
terkeluar la si TUTT wannabe ni tadi
akhirnya, 9 years dorang menjadi jugak haha

ieka says:
hahahahahaahahahahaha! omggggg

Hahaha, i know, we are crazy. But sakit hati kitorg siapa je tahu kan. Quote from Eyna's picture caption's :
An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast because an evil friend will wound your mind, remember that.

So my dear Evil-Beast friend, you know who you are, if you're reading, remember this two faces :

We will never ever forget your face.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Away For About Two Weeks

I'll be away for two weeks almost starting from Monday ; (9th of March- 21st of March). In case if it make you guys wondering, I'll be going to Mecca to perform umrah. So yeah, no blog-post will be posted for a while. And and, I won't be able to take my SPM result :( *sobbss* Geezzz I'm scared, and nervous, and and ermm well, couldn't interpret how exactly I feel at the moment haha =,=" Ohh and do wish me return back home safely.

With Love,
Nur Syafiqa Abdul Najib

Been Tagged! And Tagging Others :)

Okay, I've been tageed by Anati and Fynna, ahah sorry to Anati sebab tak perasan that she had been tagging me. So yeah the first tagged is from Anati :

1. Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you
2. At the end, choose a few people to be tagged
3. If i tagged you, its because i want to know more about you

Okay here we go,
16 random things about me ehh? haha that would be fun, all right let's start :

- I hate the look of my hair when it had been cut/trimmed in the beginning.
- I have an obsession over cute things/people :P
- I can learn new guitar tabs in just couple of days
- I'm allergic to seafood, furry animals and hot day
- I can be excessively emotional at certain times :D
- I think I'm a fragile person, so handle me with care HAHA
- I don't/rarely go out if my hair looks bad
- I take about 30-50 minutes to get my shower done LOL
- I pick at least 3 outfits before I decided to wear which one when I go out
- I look like a goth/emo/weird-looking creatures if I put excess make up over my face
- I'd like to have a late-night conversation with people that I love over the phone.
- Sometimes my phone bills reached over RM1000 at certain times ;)
- I always wanted to use a pre-paid simcard, but my parents wouldn't let me
- I have a bad habit ; I like to bite my nails, frequently =,="
- I know it sounds ridiculous but, i believe that first love can be remain with honest, trusted and clean relationship :)
-My bestfriends are pretty much important in my life and I'd do anything for them :)

Okay, and I think I'm gonna tag these peeps : Aliph, Anati, Ana, Syakirah, Maryam, Mya, and Fynna


Okay the second tagged came from Fynna. Here we go :

1.Besides your lips,where is your favourite spot to get kissed? by whom?
- Cheek and forehead, by whom? ain't gonna tell ya! ;)
2.How do you feel when you woke up this morning?
- Sleepy, an decided to get back to sleep HAHA
3.Who was the last person you take a photo with?
- Jaja :)

4.Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?
- IDK, ask the people around me
5.Would you donate blood?
- depends
6.Have you ever had a best friend who is of the oppossite sex?
- I DO have best friends from the opoosite sex
7.Do you want someone dead?
- no, why should I?
8.What does your last text message said?
- I really don't think it's necessary to type it down here, but it's something from my Sayang :)
9.What are thinking of right now?
- SPM result and my trip to Mecca
10.Do you wish someone was with you now?
- Yes, indeed :(
11.What time did you go to sleep last night?
- At first it was about 1.30 am, then I woke up after hearing a lot of nudge sounds HAHA, then go back to sleep around 4.00 am :)
12.Where did you buy the tshirt you are wearing now?
- Couldn't remember, somewhere in Alor Setar
13.Is someone on your mind right now?
- Yes :)
14.Who was the last person who text you?
- Sayang :)
15.Peoples tagged to do this quiz:
- ohh hmm okay, them :
16.Who is you are having relationship with?
- None of the above LOL
17.Is no.3 is male or female?
- Anati? Female for sure =,="
18.If no.7 and no.10 get together,will it be a good thing?
- There is NO no.7 and no.8 haha
19.What is no.1 studying about?
- Syakirah? She's a former SPM candidate just like me
20.Is no.4 single?
- Mya? No, she isn't
21.Say something about no.2
- Aliph? He's a hyper, loud, sensitive, jambu, extremely funny, good listener, and a great bestfriend :)
22.What do you think of no.3 and no.6 get together?
- No.3 would be Anati, and there's NO no.6 haha
23.Describe no.9
- Sorry there's NO no.9
24.What will you do if no.6 and 7 fight?
- Well I couldn't tell because there's NO no.8 and no.7
25.Do you like no.8?
- AGAIN, Sorry there's NO no.8 =,="

Okay, I'm done tagging people :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Your Call Cover Version

Hahaha yehh, Been doing a cover of Your Call from Secondhand Serenade. But disebabkan video tu agak besar size dia, 1.12GB, so I have to cut it here and there so that the size is below 1GB, so masa bridge of the song pun terpaksa cut. Yang tinggal were the First verse sampai Second chorus haha, but takpe lah, it was for fun actually xD so Enjoyyyyy :))

So yeah, I made a couple of mistakes while I was plucking, and it wasn't that great one obviously. The full original file exceeds 1GB thus I have to cut it here and there, so don't mind the lags :)