Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So everybody is home for this mid-sem break except Sya =.=" As usual, went lepak-ing and goofing around and eating and laughing and crapping and getting high like what we always did. Except that we haven't go for shisha this time, haihh *sangap* LOL. Spent this entire week with best friends which had made me excessively addicted on going out till late at night. So yeah, my mom had started to nagged about it. Got back home at 12.30 am for the past 3 days straight. Can't help it, we just love the wheels and the seashore even it's only Kuala Perlis lah kan, obviously -_-" Also went for makan-makan at Maicafe, ahh favourite spot ;) but too bad the shisha booth is no longer there :(

Midnight goof-around with the best people in the world <3
This is Aliph, and he tried to provoked me with Cigs kah-kah, kidding people.
Rosdi's plastic smile that annoys me throughout the day =,="
Candid, and it was at 12.15 am :)
Maicafe! Favourite spot, and the geeky people ha-ha
Ohh, meet my girlfriend, yes I'm lesbo ha-ha, okay not funny =,=" Jaja totally gonna kill me for this kah-kah
Ohh and, got sued due to the unpaid parking spot at the Kopitiam, haihh shitto =.=" Ohh and have I mentioned about the accident part? Yeah, I know I haven't. Successfully crashed the Wira that belongs to Jaja's neighbour with my dad's Sorento since it's my first time driving that huge engine wheel =.=" The Wira was a bit dented while the car that I drove doesn't left any scratch at all, *clap clap to the solid body frame of Kia's* LMAO. Aliph even said that I drive like a gangster in HERE *click* keh-keh.
P/s : Aliph I've promoted your blog, I'm expecting a plate of Fish&Chips and a glass of Carrot Juice at Maicafe for the next semester break ha-ha, kidding as always :P

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Need To Get Back On Track

I've wasted the past one week over crapping stuffs =.=" Geez, kill me haih. Okay now, feeling guilty after saw Jaja doing her Maths tutorial which I haven't done anything yet, obviously -_-" Yeh, I need to get my mind back on track before all my data in my cerebrum decrease gradually for the excessive crapping and sleeping. And not to mention my stuffs which I haven't unpacked yet from the first day I stepped in to my room ppffhhtt. Now my room looks like a clothes-and-books-garbage store or something.

So now I'm missing my college buddies *auwh*. And my room, and my study desk, and my crappy room-mates which I haven't seen then in ages *okay for two weeks* =.=" Been wondering, if I'm with them right now, they must have been slapping my butt's off and ask me to study, like what Farah always did he-he. Ahh, I miss them!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

For Some Reasons

2 years back ;
Don't even know why I still shed my tears down for him even it had been 2 months. Don't even know why I made a birthday card for him even deep down inside I know that he wouldn't care about it. Don't even know why I still can't get over him although 1 year had passed. Don't even know why I still care to asked about him everytime I received a phone called from 'her'. Don't even know why is it so hard to move on from him.

6 months back ;
Don't even know why he called on the right time when I was on the hard time. Don't even know why he always had been there for me every single day to make me smile and shut away my pain. Don't even know why is he only who can make me laugh on the phone for almost 12 hours, don't even know why I feel miserable to see him sad.

Present ;
Don't know why I still feel scared although I know he had done everything for me, don't even know why I tend to hurt his feelings real bad while I had promise myself that I wanna make him happy, don't even know what to do anymore when everything's just messed up, and don't even know wether he would forgive me once again, or might not.